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a locality; a location as the scene or a setting in which something takes place, for example, the venue for development of a place where people live, work, and share things in common (source of quote). A community locale might be organized, named, and recognized as a sub-national administrative division. For example, locales within US states are separated into counties and sometimes townships, and further divided into incorporated cities, towns, villages, and other types of municipalities (source of quote).

The term location identity is defined as it relates to locale as well as enterprise and economic development. Locals can be places of interest to enterprise developers among .network core users. As such, location identities are used to search the Global Registry of Contacts for locales of interest. Suggestion: start with a collection of definitions if you want to explore use of the word community in defining economic development.

Countries are locales: Great Britain was the locale of a significant enterprise and economic development event in the 18th century when it kicked off the Industrial Revolution (source of quote). A locale within a country, may exist as an urban area, metropolitan area, micropolitan area, city, rural area or region.

related: regional area; city-region; global region; location; local; local economy

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