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LED - acronym used by The World Bank . . .
stands for local economic development. The World Bank, an organization that provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries, answers the following question: What is Local Economic Development (LED)? WB also provides a LED glossary.

interlocal - a term used in the title of a 2005 report about managing economic development networks. Interlocal means cooperation or interaction between entities involved in local economic development. Related definitions in the Enterprise & Economic Development Glossary are: local; local economy; and, community economic development.


geocoding - to demographically characterize a location, typically for marketing purposes. Geospatial Entity Object Code which was first addressed in this section of the resource archive within the context of a system of the US Census Bureau referred to as TIGER/Line files—for information about the beginning and ending of this nationwide street centerline coverage of the US and its territories, CLICK HERE.


risk is everywhere - that's a given that throws up a red flag for decision makers of the business world engaged in enterprise and economic development. In pointing out essentials for successful site selection - a component of enterprise development - a consultant once pointed that risk minimization is one of several . . . drivers underlying the new capital investment (source of quote). Risk minimization requires risk management. The risk savvy enterprise developer needs to be aware of a plethora of possibilities for getting into trouble: has an article online about how to become risk savvy (access the article). Suggestions are for searching the Web for risk awareness information are available under the definition of risk in this website. Also, additional suggestions are available related to the meaning of risk as applied to enterprise and economic development. Copy the word risk to the following search tool to look for specific risk possibilities mentioned elsewhere in this website.

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