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link: what made this page good for networking? spacer / not a link Robert E. Glover
Founder/Developer: .network (about The Network)
Economic Development Services, Inc.
10822 Big Canoe, Big Canoe, GA 30143-5136 (USA)
Phone: 706-579-1526
Year started with current company: 1991
Education: University of Georgia (graduate)
    Industrial Development Institute (graduate)
Spouse: Lynne
IDRC member since: 1973
Local IDRC chapter: n/a
Certification: Master Professional / 1984

Member as ...
spacer / not a linkPresident/CEO — Economic Development Services
spacer / not a linkplanned communities/commercial and industrial real estate — Mobil Corporation

spacer / not a linkSenior Vice President — Georgia Business Council (state chamber of commerce)

spacer / not a linkAssociate Director — South Carolina State Development Board
spacer / not a linkAssociate Director — Tennessee Economic & Community Development
Capsule description: Operates a network of three websites (The Network) providing free-access to tools, guides, informational resources, and search assistance for business decision makers, economic developers, enterprise developers, entrepreneurs, leaders of fast-growing companies, site selectors, and small business owners as well as any others whose interest range from commercial and industrial real estate to excellence in personal and group productivity. The Network is a leading, nonpartisan, online resource for finding suppliers and service providers, and location representatives, engaged in enterprise and economic development. Site selection is a process of enterprise development.
Organization Type: specialized resource provider online with 3 websites
Services Offered: see .network mission statement
Year Economic Development Services established: 1990
Year The Network established: 1996
Organization status: engaged in a mission along with .network participants
Geographic Service Area: global via the Web
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Miscellaneous: comments about this saved IDRC member profile

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This page (page up) shows a salvaged IDRC Associate Member profile from the website of the International Development Research Council (select link for more about IDRC).

This page is meant to resemble one from the IDRC website. Its reconstruction in The Network sustains its value as a networking tool. Changes are made to update information and links because that's the only way we (who we are) know to maintain value. Otherwise, the page is simply an example of our commitment to provide useful resources.

IDRC events were business networking opportunities in its early years. Success triggered attendance growth, however, and meetings became unwieldy as well as convention-like
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IDRC Members on the Web was the name of a contact directory that the association published online. Free access was provided, which contributing greatly to its usability, that is, until 1998 at which time the directory was apparently not updating any further. For example, a link to Leaders in Development, once broken, remained so. The following quote from the IDRC website seem appropriate and noteworthy in light of these comments:

Perhaps the most important networking is that which is done on a person-to-person basis between individuals with special skills and experience ...

Although not updated, IDRC Members on the Web remained online until 2006. IDRC associates as leaders in development were left to fend for themselves as far as having continuity of useful exposure on the Web so that enterprise developers and other business decision makers could conveniently search and find them when needed. One example of what had to be done is Bob Glover's IDRC member profile redux (access the profile).

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