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core user group:

. . . an aggregation of individuals deemed to be essential to the reason that something is available while having a common interest in it as they avail themselves of what it has to offer; likewise, individuals identified together as a virtual assemblage or gathering because they have a common interest, beyond all others, in utilizing a particular resource.

The share network providing this definition supports a special mission by providing resources. The Network identifies its core users as a group interested or engaged in enterprise and economic development. They are the reason for the existence of The Network, which you can visit and choose for yourself whether you want to freely make use of a resource (i.e., become a user). For example, the .network resource center has a section providing reference material, much of which is for general use. Should you choose to avail yourself of resources specifically provided for the .network mission, it is likely that you fit one of the following identities of the makeup of the .network core user group.

Core users: Enterprise developers and resource and service providers as well as economic and community development leaders. Enterprise developers are business decision makers, leaders of fast-growing companies or companies on the move. (They are) entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent workers. They create jobs and community wealth. They initiate quality initiatives, continuous improvement efforts as well as individual and corporate pursuits of excellence. Resource and service providers (are core users). Included among them are area and local development representatives. Also, among them are commercial and industrial real estate owners, developers, sales representatives, and site selection consultants. And, other consultancies and providers of business solutions as well (source of quote).

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common interest?

Common interest is an attention to something shared equally by all members of a group (special interest group) or community of individuals (ranging from a small aggregation to a global community of individuals). Related are expressions such as mutual interest, reciprocal interest, group interest and interest in common. The latter expression is a real estate term that refers property of undivided ownership. The definition and meaning of interest in common refers to real property over which no individual has absolute control or claim.

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