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. . . a tract of land designated for a particular use that either through its natural state or development is accommodating to it, for example, a landscaped area designated for public enjoyment. Business parks, industrial parks, office parks, technology parks, and the like are examples of areas designated for enterprise and economic development use.

Enterprise and economic development parks are commercial and industrial real estate tracts subdivided for use by a number of different enterprises in relatively close proximity according to a plan which allows them to share certain things in common, such as utilities and roads. Parks can have development zone designations by governments seeking to encourage enterprise development so that it brings about economic development.

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What are enterprise and economic development parks?

Page up to a general definition of a park followed by an explanation of the type that serves the combined processes of enterprise and economic development. Also, take into consideration that tourism promotion is a specialized form of economic development—see the resource paper, Tourism as Economic Development; A Brief Guide for Communities and Enterprise Developers. Various types of parks ranging from recreational parks and historic sites to amusement parks and entertainment venues are included under the general definition of parks. For more information about parks and where they are located, copy italicized suggestions of interest below and use them to Google the Web. Type the location identity of a place of interest in place of the word location.

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define "industrial park"
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define "industrial estate"
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define "office park"
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define "technology park"
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define "business incubation"
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define "export processing zones"
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define "eco-industrial park"
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define "parks and recreation"
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