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site selection team:

a group engaged in a site selection project with each member having specifically assigned responsibilities. For example, a team representing a reflectively large enterprise may be made up of members, each having individual expertise in areas such as human resources, logistics, and real estate. Relatively large companies on the move may have managers of their real property assets who are experience in site selection. Such managers may be referred to as corporate real estate executives and have responsibility to lead site selection teams.

Site selection consultants are hired by companies to handle data gathering and analysis as well as dealing with resource and service providers. They are specialized management consultants who are also capable of leading site selection teams. Savvy consultants maintain networks of, for example, location data suppliers. They don't have to waste time building them. Time is of the essence with most active projects.

Consultants are also useful for protecting confidentiality and privacy. The risk of loose lips that might sink the ship that is a confidential project is increased when a team exists.

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