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resource and service providers:

an expression referring to the whole group of business contacts who satisfy or are available to the satisfy wants and needs of those who control or influence undertakings requiring concerted efforts to complete, for example, enterprise development projects; a general, all-encompassing expression that identifies those individuals and organizations that produce and/or provide useful material and performance work.

Economic developers as location data suppliers are examples of resource providers. However, the line is indistinct between resource and service providers when representatives of locations seeking enterprise and economic development provide information to prospects. Information might be presented in material form, for example, a community profile. On the other hand, the economic developer typically moves into a service provider mode as, say, an arranger of things, such as a visit to a community when the material presented attracts a prospect and assistance is requested—more

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resource or service providers?

a moot question from the standpoint of enterprise and economic development because both are integral parts of the combined processes—resources for making making decisions and services for the team efforts required to carry out, for example, site selection projects.

Continuing with the example, business decision makers engaged as enterprise developers as well as site selectors need to know how to find, choose, and contact resource and service providers. Teams are fluid. Various types of contacts are needed at various times. The interplay between parties fluctuates and time of working together varies.

Site selection in five basic steps continues the example with an overview of the process.

Resource and services providers in The Network are mission contacts. Those from the .network core user group who participate in the mission and search for resource and service providers begin with the Global Registry of Contacts. They have two choices if they don't find what they want. One is to move on to similar contact directories maintained outside The Network (links are provided in conjunction with the GRC).

A second choice for GRC users wanting to avoid search dead ends is to take advantage of our offer of free assistance. To learn more about how assistance works for .network users, click on the search results help button below. To search the GRC now, CLICK HERE

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