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site selection consultant:

a consultancy or individual who provides the specialized services of organizing selection criteria and the project that goes along with it, gathers and analyzes analyzes information about places of interest and/or real property items, and takes on related location work.

Also, known as site location consultants, site selection consultants are management consultants who need commercial and industrial real estate expertise as well know how in dealing with resource and service providers engaged in the enterprise and economic development process, especially, location data suppliers. Many such consultants are real estate professionals who maintain working relationships with economic developers.

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definition of consultancy:

a professional organization of technical and/or professional expertise as a resource for counsel or advice (source of quote). A quote from a teacher of economic geography states that a consultancy or consultant assembles information, creates a knowledge base and provides professional advise relating to a problem of an individual, group or organization on a volunteer basis or for remuneration (source of quote).

Consultancies provide advisory services which, in some cases, refers specifically to accounting and financial consultants (example). The definition of advisory services here is applied in a broad sense. An accountancy is generally called upon to provide financial services, such as bookkeeping, but some firms branch and offer a variety of business and management services. Accounting firms may offer clients specialized consulting services.

Various types of specialized consultants are involved in the enterprise development process. Prominent in that respect is the site selection consultant. To understand the site selectors' role in economic development read the article titled Getting Started: Putting Together the Site Selection Data Standards published by

A consultancy is also a session during which the act or an instance of counseling, advising, or guiding takes place, i.e., in which advisory services are provided. Inserting the word guiding into the definition points out that consulting can also be extended to include coaching and training. The Enterprise and Economic Development Glossary definition of consultant uses the example of pursuit of excellence as involving coaching and training.


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