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places of interest:

locations being considered for expansions or relocations of enterprise operations, or likewise for starting up entrepreneurial ventures, for example, places of interest to .network core users such as leaders of companies on the move and other business decision makers, especially those engaged in enterprise development.

Site selection, a project-driven process, is the work of gathering and analyzing information about a place of interest. When a number of places are under consideration, location work involves so called comparative analysis, the basic skill of a site selection consultant. A set of site selection criteria is essential for any project involving comparative analysis. A savvy site selector, whether consultant to or employee of an enterprise, possibly its owner or an entrepreneur, maintains location-data-supplier contacts.

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Business decision makers use the Web for site location assistance.

During the formative years of the Internet a marketing firm specializing in community based economic development surveyed senior-level corporate executives and reported their changing preferences for gathering information about places of interest. A 2006 survey report stated that 65% of surveyed executives indicated that they would likely use location data from websites (source of quote).

Reflecting on our (who we are) experience after introducing Site Location on the Web in 1997, we can extrapolate from the marketing firm's report that all location data gathers, not just senior-level corporate executives, accessing the websites of places seeking economic development today likely pushes usage 20 to 30 percentage points higher.

Our ability to infer a higher percentage of 85% to 95% is based on years of experience in providing site location assistance to business decision makers at all levels ranging from entrepreneurs and small business owners to those rising to the top of companies on the move.

See the answer to the question of who uses The Network. Notice that among our users are location data suppliers. To learn more about business decision makers using the Web to gather information and find contacts who can provide site location assistance, copy from the italicized search suggestions below and paste to the Google/.network search engine. Where you see the word location, not locations, try substituting the identity of a place of interest.

"site location assistance" locations websites resources
"site selection" assistance locations websites resources
"site location assistance" location website resources
"site selection" assistance location website resources
"site location assistance" locations websites contacts
"site selection" assistance locations websites contacts
"site location assistance" location website contact
"site selection" assistance location website contact

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